Reasons Why We Overeat


Do you ever wonder why you keep
eating all the time? One survey conducted in 2013 showed that a large
percentage of Americans find themselves overeating because they are stressed
out, half of whom admit that they tend to overeat at least once a week. The
problem with this kind of eating behavior is that it is not helping us maintain
the right weight.

Aside from stress, are there
other factors that can contribute to our excessive eating? There are several
reasons which can trigger this kind of behavior such as:

Most of us
tend to eat in front of the TV because we want to catch up on the latest shows,
but the problem with entertaining ourselves as we eat is that we don’t really
focus much on what we are eating that we don’t realize that we are already
full. The best way to fix this is to remove distraction as much as possible.
Instead of eating in front of the TV, stay in the dining area instead.

Some of us
tend to wait for hours before our next meal that we become too hungry in
between. We can attribute this to our need to finish a deadline, or other
tasks, but the problem is that we tend to overeat once we are eating. This can
lead to upset stomach or sluggishness because we have eaten more than we
should. In order to avoid this, you should prepare some healthy snacks to munch
on before your next meal. This way, you will be able to stop yourself from
eating more than is necessary.

Another reason
why you tend to eat too much is because you are constantly eating out. The
large portions that are served in restaurants can also affect the amount you
eat, hence more calories in your system. If you want to be able to stick to
your diet, it is best that you confine your eating at home because you will
have better control over the food that you are eating and its portion too.

eating is a common culprit as to why we eat too much. If we are sad, we often
turn to food to comfort us. Most of us choose sweets to bring us a moment of
happiness but then, when the happiness wears off, we find ourselves reaching
for more sweets until it becomes a vicious cycle. Some even binge on salty
foods and even fast-food as well, but no matter what we eat, if we take a lot
of food for the entire day, we are actually adding more calories to our frame. One
way to correct this habit of ours is to keep our emotions in check as much as
possible. It would be a good idea to practice awareness so you will know if you
are picking up food because you are angry, sad, or depressed. Once you become
aware of it, it will be easier for you to control your eating.

Most of us
tend to snack or eat the wrong types of food such as salty and sweet foods that
do not contain any nutrients. No matter how much you eat, they don’t really
fill your belly up. Instead of eating processed foods and sweets, a better
option would be to choose healthier options like whole foods. Fruits, nuts,
vegetables, seeds, and the like are just a few examples that you should opt for
rather than the ones without any useful calorie content. For sure, you’ll feel
better knowing that you are eating correctly and healthily too.

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