The modern medicine and leaps in technology are on that level that is able to make the human lives enormously easier, but the folk medicine is following the same steps and is used as a substitute where the modern is not effective or causes some side efects.

Some experts may regard these tendencies, but many persons who are keenly interested in the latest trends or fashions keeping in mind that millions and millions of people were raised by home-made produce and using traditional medicine.

Together with natural medicine goes using of herbs for the psychological benefit, such as Crassula Ovata. Besides keeping the air in your home clean, this plant is also bringing good energy and money.

This plant is common in many households, which is linked to many cultures, especially in South Africa. Many people are believed to bring prosperity to the residents of the home in both monetary and spiritual sense. South Africans call this plant money plant or jade.

It is also used for a decorative purpose, because of its beautiful pink and white flowers. It can be grown indoors, and it is maintained very easily.

There is a story behind this plant. The story is about the farmer who worked tirelessly and was not able to make any money for his family. However, one day, while walking back to his home, he fell upon this beautiful plant, picked it and took it home. This beautiful plant reminded him of a valuable stone, jade.

Keeping the plant in his home, he prayed to God every time he noticed it asking for prosperity and much-needed help for his family. In the end, the farmer’s fortune turned, and everything was going well. He believed that jade was a huge part of his success, acting as a medium between God and him.

This story spread around the globe, and people started giving one another jade plant as a wish for wealth and good fortune and as a symbol.


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