Important Tips on Staying Healthy During Rainy Season


Seeing the first drops of rain
after months of dry season is a welcome sight indeed. And when the weather
finally ushers in the rainy season, the cool temperature that it brings make it
easier for us to do our tasks with minimal effort. But then, the sudden change
in the weather can also leave us prone to cold and cough which can be
bothersome too.

Fortunately, there are steps that
can be taken for you to stay healthy even the weather is starting to become
wetter. If you want to protect yourself against the common cold, try these tips

The rainy
season is actually the time when the body becomes at risk of infections since
most diseases tend to be water-borne. That said, it would help if you are
careful with the water that you are drinking and load up on vitamin-rich foods
like fruits and vegetables. Again, make sure that you wash your food thoroughly
to avoid ingesting bacteria.

With the rain
coming constantly, the number of mosquitos tend to thrive as well which can put
you at risk of malaria. If you are heading out, or even just hanging out in
your backyard, make sure that you wear some insect repellent to keep mosquitos
at bay. This way, you are reducing your risk of acquiring diseases.

Although some
people love walking in the rain, your after-care routine matters a lot. Take a
bath as soon as you get home and make sure that you dry yourself properly. This
can help remove any bacteria or germs that you have picked up along the way. If
your feet become wet, dry your feet as soon as possible. Never stay in wet
socks for long as they make your feet prone to bacterial infection and chafing
too. It is always a good idea to have an extra set of clothes in your locker
room at school or at the office even especially when it’s rainy season so you
will always have spare clothes to wear if you get wet.

Watery fruits
like watermelon are perfect for the summer, but when the weather is cold,
switch to dry fruits instead. Fruits that are dry can also contain plenty of
nutrients that can improve your immune system.

Like it was
mentioned before, when you are out in the rain and got wet, it would be a good
idea to take a bath when you get home to remove any dirt and sweat that got
clogged in your pores. This will help protect you from infections as well which
can help keep you healthy even when the weather has changed.

Regardless of
the level of activity that you do in a day, make it a point to drink water
regularly. Not only does water help you stay hydrated and energized, it will
also protect you from various ailments because you are flushing out the toxins
before they even have a chance to do damage in your system. And it’s not just water
that you can drink but other beverages too like tea because they contain
antibacterial properties.

The rainy season may help
alleviate the sweltering heat of summer, but it also leaves us prone to
illnesses like cough and cold. That said, following the tips mentioned above on
how you can stay healthy even when the rainy season starts can help keep the
common ailments at bay.

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