Human Rewilding – The Latest Digital Detox Trend

You’re probably
hearing more of human rewilding lately but are clueless as to what it is
exactly. Although not everyone is aware of this concept, but it is starting to
become the latest trend for those who want to go on a digital detox. But what
exactly is it?

What is Human

according to Lisa B. Nelson, MD, who is the Director of Medical Education of
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, is the term often used in nature
conservatory which refers to letting land go back to its original state to help
it restore, rebalance, and repair the ecosystems that were under threat. When
associated with humans, it simply works as a reminder for us to go back to our
natural state where our focus is on our needs as well as natural resources that
we have been relying on during ancient times. Human rewilding is actually a
good practice to help restore and repair ourselves as well. Studies on human
rewilding done in Germany, Japan, and South Korea showed that those who were
placed in a natural environment experienced low blood pressure, lower heart
rate, as well as less anxiety, with improved overall sense of well-being.

How Human
Rewilding Works?

The Human
Rewilding Movement actually goes back to teaching humans basic skills that our
ancestors developed during the early years from making your own tools, to
hunting your food, and learning how to forage as well just to name a few. Of
course, if you’re living in the city, it’s not easy to dispose of all the
modern contraptions we’ve surrounded ourselves with, but this doesn’t mean that
you can do your own human rewilding.

Bringing a bit
of the wild into your life can be something simple as going on regular hikes
during the weekends, and being more observant of your surroundings, from the
sound of the wind brushing against the leaves, to the sound of the wild without
using your smart gadgets. If you are willing to take your rewilding experience
to the next level, you can attend survival classes to learn a thing or two on
how to survive in the wild using primitive tools just like what our ancestors

Rewilding Exercises to Try

The idea of
going back to nature is quite appealing especially when the hustle and bustle
of our busy lives can cause a lot of stress to us to the point that we are
experiencing anxiety. That said, you’re probably wondering whether there are
any human rewilding exercises that you can do to help get back to your natural
state. Fortunately, there are a few and these are:

  • Challenge bowl. One exercise that you can do for your human rewilding exercise is to
    create a bowl filled with challenges. Write down exercises or challenges like meditate
    for 10 minutes, walk in the park for 20 minutes, or even eat raw vegetable just
    to name a few. You can even bring it to your office and using challenges that
    can be done during your lunch break to integrate a bit of rewilding even when
    you are busy in the office.
  • Start a fire. There is something primal about being able to start a fire on your
    own, without the use of matches or lighter. Being able to start a fire the old
    way, with flint or with sticks will not only give you a sense of accomplishment,
    but a sense of peace too as you gaze into the dancing flames before you. Be
    mindful, however, to avoid leaving the fire unattended as it might grow big in
    a flash.
  • Listen. You don’t have to be in the forest to start listening to your
    surroundings. Even when you are living in the city, you can actually start
    listening to what your world is saying to you. Go by your window and listen to
    the sounds of the vehicles below you, the wind rattling your windows, or even
    the sound of birds overhead in the morning. Just listening to these sounds can
    be a relaxing way for you to release the stress that you are feeling. If you
    are able to get out of the busy city that you live in, and manage to head to
    the beach or a forest even, stop and listen to the sound of the waves, or the
    chirping birds and other sounds of wildlife around you.
  • Unplug. We are always relying on our gadgets the moment that we wake up
    until the time we go to bed that it is almost impossible to find ourselves
    without them. But when it comes to human rewilding, you will need to learn how
    to unplug yourself from technology from time to time to help reduce sleep
    interruptions and the like. Stop using your phone an hour before you go to bed
    so that you will be able to enter a calm and relaxed state to make you sleep
    easily. Remove any digital devices in your bedroom as well such as your digital
    alarm clock and your TV because the blue light can interfere with your sleep.
  • Take classes. Like it was mentioned before, taking classes on how to survive the
    wild is one way to learn how human rewilding. For sure there are classes within
    your community that offer survival classes that will teach you how living in
    the wild works.

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