For the advantages and benefits of the coconut oil we have already heard and know how much can be good for the skin and hair, but what about the coconut water? It is a drink that is literally “magical”, and believe it or not, it has compatible structure of blood plasma in the blood of man.

Coconut water is not very tasty, but it is negligible compared to its power.

Only 40 to 50 ml per day will remove chronic fatigue, but also increase the immune system to such an extent that you will be protected from the majority of infections and viruses.

Coconut water -” transfusion ” tool”

During World War II, when they were in the midst of the battle along the Pacific, the Americans and the Japanese were using just coconut water for the recovery of their soldiers. Instead of transfusions, they gave the wounded any water from green coconuts, because the ingredients are identical to blood plasma.

Coconut water also acts as a natural diuretic and clean channels of the bladder, urinary tract and removes minor kidney problems. It’s great for digestion, because of the high proportion of fiber, but also reduces appetite. It is recommended in diets and corrected diet, a cup of the miraculous ‘elixir’ has only 46 calories.

This clear portion can be used in the preservation of the beauty and body care – fight against acne, oily and dry skin. It is enough to soak a cotton ball in coconut water and parts of the face. Another great thing is it helps in eliminating wrinkles!

It’s great for energy recovery and rehabilitation – after a hard workout or exhausting physical activity drinking one cup of coconut water will make you feel “like new”. That is why it is an essential item on the menu of almost all professional athletes.

What is particularly interesting, especially for the stronger sex, is that coconut water is a fantastic hangover cure. It removes a headache, nausea, and weight in the stomach after a drunken night.

The water from young coconuts is a natural source of hydration, and for this purpose, it is used by Rihanna. The diva from Barbados even contributed to the popularization of this beverage, repeatedly stressing that she drinks it daily to detoxicate the organism, but also protects from cancer and diabetes.